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Courses that can help you as a business manager

Being a Business Manager?

Business managers are leaders who are responsible for the financial control and administration of an organisation or business.

Tasks and duties

The tasks include preparing and overseeing the administration of the cash flow, account payments, budgets, and financial planning to ensure that the business meets the financial goals.

You will be advising stakeholders and leaders on financial compliance and organisational matters.

They oversee the day-to-day running of the different departments like marketing, sales, HR and administration. The primary role of a business manager is to ensure that the business finances are in order. The business managers work in a range of industries like schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and banks. The tasks will differ from the type of industry in which you work.

What can I earn as a Business Manager?

Business managers can earn a salary of around $90,000 to around $110,000, but this will depend on the industry you are working within.

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How do I become a business manager?

There are different ways that you can become a business manager, yet most businesses will require you to have a minimum of bachelor’s degree within the business field. You will complete a 3-year course that will cover different topics like management practice and theory, organisational behaviour, leadership skills and budgeting and planning.

There are many different career opportunities for business management starting from attending tech conferences to attending simple networking events. You can work in international business, venture capital analyst and executive managers.

What skills are employers looking for?

  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Written skills
  • Financial management
  • Human resources
  • Shortlist applicants
  • People management
  • MS Office proficiency
  • Customer centricity
  • Relationship management

What exactly is business management?

Business management refers to the responsibilities and the activities that are associated with running different organisations, including planning, controlling, monitoring, implementation, optimising, organising and delegating etc. Business managers play a role in the heart of the business team. Businesses cannot guarantee success without consistent and robust management. The roles and responsibilities will differ from different managers and business, but the basic functions and goal will stay the same.

When it comes to studying to be a business manager, you will need to select the courses that have the greatest potential to help them with progressing their career.

You get a variety of career choices

The biggest benefit of studying to be a business manager is the variety of career choices that are available to you. Once you complete the course, you are already expanding and enhancing your career prospects. Nothing will boost the value of your professional CV that boasts business management qualification and skills. There are many business courses you can start at entry-level then build up to a bigger and better course like a diploma into a bachelor that will transform your career prospects drastically. It can also help your development to do some volunteering or ask a family friend or neighbour if you can look over their shoulder during their work so you can get a gist of what goes on, and gain some more insight that you can place on your resume. Some businesses or organisations may also offer on-site or even external training to help you advance further in the business.

What next?

Once you have done your formal qualifications and achieved what you can, or need to, in an academic sense, you must network.

Networking allows you to speak with other people in related and unrelated fields varying from creative tech companies to those from business development companies – these people can help you to develop awareness and further your knowledge. Never underestimate the power of networking and the power of knowing the right people. There are events around, such as Pause Fest in 2020 which allows and encourages exactly that. It is a tech conference in Melbourne Australia which brings all kinds of like-minded people together to talk and network. There’s heaps of information on their website, but be sure to get in quickly.

Remember; it’s not about what you know, but who you know.